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Humbolt County, Nevada (20 acres)

Lot Area: 20 Acres

* SOLD* Fantastic Wholesale Investment Opportunity. Beautiful 20 Acre Nevada Ranchette


This is an incredible opportunity to buy a huge 20 acre parcel in beautiful Humboldt County, Nevada. Buy this property for the low wholesale price of less than $550 PER ACRE. The total wholesale price of the entire 20 acre section is only $10,900. There are absolutely no deeds restrictions which means you are free to hold or re-sell this property for a profit at any time now or in the future. There is no time limit to build, and no monthly or yearly Association fees or dues. There are no restrictions on this land. You can build, camp, hunt and ATV, all while enjoying the substantial appreciation potential of your investment.

This area has some of the cleanest air in the continental United States. Imagine sitting out our your own property with the sweet smell of juniper and sage with the cool evening air under a blanket of stars more spectacular than any you and your family have ever seen. Humboldt County is home to 69 fishing lakes and streams. Fishing grounds are stocked with trout and catfish. The Humboldt River is a medium walk or short ATV ride from the property.

“The Major Fortunes in America have been Made in Land”  John D. Rockefeller

Buy this land at wholesale today and enjoy visits with your family and friends.

Your appreciation potential is unlimited!

  •  More money has been made through land investment throughout history than through any other form of investment, including common stocks, gold, or even the ownership of rental properties.
  • Land is the cornerstone of all wealth creation. It is impossible to create any source of income or business without someone owning or leasing land.
  • Land appreciates faster than improved real estate like houses or buildings during bull markets and holds its value better in bear markets.

Area Photos:

Road IMG_7769 Picture5

View-area-20-acres3 Area-View-2 area-view-3

5  Water-Canyon

Surrounded by thousands of acres of BLM land, you will never run out of things to do. There is a variety of wildlife in this area including antelope, elk, deer, quail, rabbits, duck, geese and other birds. Bordered on the north by the State of Oregon and by neighboring Nevada counties to the south, this area offers some of the most spectacular scenery in the region along with an abundance of recreation and other opportunities. This land is an outdoorsman’s paradise.

“Buying real estate is not only the best way, the quickest way, but the only way to become wealthy.”

– Marshall Field

This beautiful 20 acre property is nestled at the foothills of the Osgood Mountain Range. It’s only 5 miles off of Interstate 80 and approximately 25 miles west of the city of Winnemucca Nevada. Winnemucca has been referred to as the “friendliest town in Nevada” with 24 hour gaming, great dining and endless recreational opportunities.  For your everyday needs, Winnemucca, is full of supermarkets, hardware stores, restaurants, schools, a hospital an airport and even a Super Walmart. Play a round of golf while you’re in town at the Winnemucca Municipal Golf Course.

Nevada has great long term appeal due to having no personal or corporate income tax, no inheritance tax, no gift tax and property taxes are extremely low. It is not surprising that Nevada has been the fastest growing State in the U.S. for the last 15 years.

“Buy real estate in areas where the path exists…and buy more real estate where there is no path, but you can create your own.”

– David Waronker

Exciting  Nearby Places Add Incredible Value to This Investment

Rye Patch Reservoir is a short 55 minute drive on I-80 east from Winnemucca. Rye Patch visitors enjoy camping, picnicking, fishing and water-skiing at the recreation area’s 22-mile long reservoir on the Humboldt River just west of Interstate 80. Rye Patch is open year round. The reservoir has 72 miles of shoreline. Amenities include Boat Launching, fishing, camping, RV hookups, showers and a visitor’s center

Reno, Nevada is only 190 miles to the west. “The biggest Little City in the World” Reno, Nevada is a must see with 300 days per year of sunshine and crystal clear blue skies. Within an hour’s drive of Reno, there are 15 ski resorts, 50 golf courses, thousands of hiking and biking trails and several lakes that are perfect for fishing, boating and water skiing. Add that to Reno’s hotels, casinos and nightlife provides you with the perfect place to visit if you feel like some “Big City Life”.

Lake Tahoe has been selected as the “Number One Most Popular Place to Visit in the United States” and it’s only 230 miles from your private 20 acres. The Lake is known for the clarity of its water and the Panorama of the surrounding mountains on all sides. The lake measures 22 miles long and 12 miles wide with 72 miles of beautiful shoreline. Ever been in two states at the same time? The California/Nevada state line carves a line through Crystal Bay and you can actually swim from one state to the other in the Cal-Neva Resort’s swimming pool.


Property Details:

The uses for this property are limited only by your imagination!

Distance to major metropolitan cities:

Reno, NV. – 190 miles

Boise, ID – 286 miles

Sacramento, CA. -326 miles

Salt Lake City, UT. – 332 miles

San Francisco, CA. – 413 miles

Portland, OR. – 532 miles

Lake Tahoe – 231 miles

Las Vegas – 447 miles

The property has breathtaking views in every direction.

This property is free and clear of all liens and encumbrances!
Many people relocate (or just want to have an “address”) in Nevada due to the fact there is no personal or corporate income tax, no inheritance or gift tax, estate tax, and extremely low property tax.
Nevada is the fastest growing state in the U.S. for the last fifteen years and superior land investments are becoming scarce.


Size: 20 Acres or 871,200 Square Feet. That’s over 15 football fields.

Terrain: Level and gently rolling hills with mountain and prairie views.

Access: Property is only ¼ mile off the road!

Zoning: Rural Residential

Sewer: Contact the Nevada Department of Water Resources

Water: By Holding Tank or Well.

Utilities: Phone by Cellular, gets great reception. Power by solar.

Conveyance: Grant Bargain Sale Deed (Nevada Warranty Deed)

Time Limit to Build: None

Taxes: Approximately $40 per year for the entire parcel. Taxes are current. Notices for 2013 taxes will be sent out to the new owner.

Terms: Wholesale cash price of $10,900. Seller Finance available with low monthly payments of $159

Association Dues: None.

Mineral Rights: Not included

Investment Value:

You will own this property below market value! Similar parcels are being sold anywhere from $1,500 and up per acre. You are buying at wholesale; Less than ½ price for this 20 acre property.

Why is the land the best investment? “It’s the only thing that lasts.”

Quote from Ted Turner in an article about billionaire’s buying up raw acreage throughout the U.S.

Payment & Recording Information:

We will prepare all paperwork, pay all fees to the county and have the deed recorded in your name upon receipt of your payment.

Once payment is received:

The buyer will receive a package from us by email. This package will contain your deed for your review and approval, plat maps, pictures, and related material specific to the property acquired. The package will contain complete instructions along with the county phone number and address. We will pay all fees associated with the transfer to the County. After we record your deed, the County will then send you your original recorded deed for your files. Land Contract available for terms sale.

About us:

Our land parcels have been carefully selected due to their location in the path of future growth. We call this the “Magic Circle Science” We agree that many land parcels can make a good long term investment, However, the land located in the path of future growth or “Magic Circle” has a much sooner and far greater potential for appreciation. As the populations growth expands outward, the demand increases and your land becomes much more valuable. Think about all of the farmers who have become multi millionaires by simply buying and holding land on the outskirts of town in the “Magic Circle”.

For complete details or to answer any questions, please call Tory at 801 662-9948

In order to take advantage of this opportunity pay for it NOW!  Don’t wait!  We guarantee you will love the property so please proceed with confidence. Please provide your deed information and remit your payment via PayPal.  Once payment is received we will secure the property for you and immediately provide all ownership information.

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