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Owner Financing

Owner Financing means that the seller (Western Land Company)  is willing to sell the property to you the buyer without requiring the entire purchase price to be paid up front. The seller is willing to accept monthly payments until the property is paid in full at which time the title will transfer. Owner financing works much like an automobile loan and is a fantastic method for buyers and investors to acquire property.

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We make it VERY easy for anyone to own land. The only qualification is that you agree to the monthly payment terms and pay your initial low down payment.

With the financial crisis of 2008 mortgage lending has become VERY difficult and getting loans to invest in land is almost impossible without a substantial down payment (50% of the purchase price) along with very high interest rates. Banks require two ears tax returns, good credit etc. etc. Forget about that! We don’t need any banks!

Western Land Company is the exact opposite of the mortgage banks. Our rates are extremely LOW and our down payment amounts are generally only 3% or less. We only need your name and mailing address. There are NO credit checks, NO employment verification and NO income qualification required for you to own the land of your choice.

Let us help you take advantage of the leverage of OPM. (other peoples money) to invest in the greatest asset available. Land.

Category: Owner Financing

No,  there is NEVER a balloon payment in our financing agreement. You can pay off your land at any time however, you will never be required to do so.

Be very careful when considering owner/seller financing on any type of real estate or land. I often see balloon payments in the fine print and wonder if the buyer fully understands the consequence of this provision.

Let’s clarify what a balloon payment is as it pertains to real estate and land contracts and why you should NOT agree to including one:

When you finance land from us, you may have a loan term of 7 years (84 months)  as an example with a monthly payment of $200. With us, you will pay off your land completely with your 84th payment. (again, you can choose to pay if off sooner if you are able)

A contract that includes a balloon payment would still look to be structured the same with a term of 84 months and a monthly payment of $200 however the fine print may state that the entire loan balance is due and payable on the 48th month. This would be referred to in the finance world and labeled as a “Seven due in Four” (7 due in 4) which means that the loan is amortized over 7 years with a monthly payment of $200, however the entire loan balance is due and payable in the 48th month. You would need to have the cash to comply or be able to get a new loan to pay off the balloon in the 48th month or risk loosing your property to foreclosure.

DON’T DO THIS unless you know absolutely that you will have the cash. Better yet, just don’t agree to this type of financing.

As I mentioned, WE DO NOT include balloon payments in any of our land purchase agreements.

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General FAQ's

There is no time limit to build on any of our properties unless otherwise stated in the “property details” section of each listing. Generally, you can hold and enjoy your property and it’s appreciation in value without ever building a structure or if you choose, you may build at any time now or in the future.

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This is a great question. As you know we are partial to land in the Western USA for several reasons:

  • The western states have the most preferred climates. Many of our clients have plans to build a home and retire and live there dream life on their ranch land. They are mostly interested in investing in land with more mild year round climates such as those found in the Western States.
  • The western States have much lower property taxes in general and in the case of Nevada, there is No State Income Tax.
  • The west is wide open. Most of our clients are looking for solitude and privacy yet still want to have access to supplies and necessities. We specifically look for these types of properties to offer our investors.
  • Large parcels still exist in the Western States. One of our most preferred property sizes is 20 acres and above. Land is becoming more and more scarce. “They just are not making any more of it”. The western States are still much less populated and more wide open than any where else in the country.
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We are “Wholesalers of Land”  We completely cut out the middle man to provide you with the opportunity of a direct land purchase.

We search high and low for the best wholesale properties to offer our clients and investors on this website.  As often as possible we buy large numbers of parcels in bulk then separate them in order to provide exactly what you are looking for. We have seller contacts and corporate connections that have come with 22 years of experience. This is our full time business and we love it.

All of the above combined with eliminating the Realtor commissions, escrow fees and listing fees, allow us to offer you these incredible per acre prices.

Many investors who purchase our properties do so because of the built in equity that they receive when they purchase. They know that if they choose, they can Flip the property for a tidy profit. Others appreciate the long term appreciation potential that comes with the purchase of these properties.

“The major fortunes in America have been made in land.”

John D. Rockefeller

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We own every property that we sell unless otherwise Stated. We are constantly in search of the best wholesale Western land investment properties available that we can offer our clients and investors like you at wholesale prices so that you always have built in equity in every property you buy from us.

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We pay all of the fees associated with your purchase. There are no closing costs charged to the buyer of our properties. The price you pay for your land is the total NET you will pay.

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We own all of the properties for sale in this site. All properties are  guaranteed to be completely free of any liens, mortgages or any encumbrances of any kind.

You will receive free and clear marketable title on each property that you purchase from us or we will refund your money.

“The small landholders are the most precious part of a state.”

Thomas Jefferson

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