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Investing In Land With Seller Financing: How Does It Work?

Most people have heard of seller financing in general, but may do not fully realize some of the major pitfalls. Buying real estate with owner financing is usually a TEMPROARY solution in that there is often a balloon payment due for the entire balance of the loan within a few short years. Other problems I see are high interest rates, adjustable rates, large down payment requirements and large balloon payments.

It’s true what they say. “The devil is in the details”

Following are the items that we DO NOT require in order to approve your owner finance investment:

  • No banks to deal with and their endless requests for personal information
  • No Closing costs or loan origination fees
  • No credit Checks
  • No Income documentation or employment verification
  • No balloon payment. We finance for the full term of the loan.
  • No Adjustable interest rates that can cause your payment to rise. Our rates are always locked in for the entire term of your loan
  • No pre-payment penalty. You can pay off your property completely at any time without penalty

Our Owner Finance program DOES provide you with ALL of the following:

  • Extremely low down payments. Most banks require upwards of 50% of the purchase price. We have down payments as low as $300
  • Easy low monthly payments tailored to your budget so that you can invest in land now while the prices are at rock bottom as opposed to waiting until you have the cash.
  •  Low interest rates that are fixed for the life of the loan
  • Minimal documentation. All we need is your name and address the way you would like your ownership to read.
  • Everyone is approved. We want to extend this opportunity so anyone can take advantage of the huge appreciation potential of Western Land.

As always, feel free to email or call me to discuss further or to answer any questions you may have.