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Why You Should Invest in Land for Retirement

When most people think of land investing, they think of big real estate developers and builders who by large tracts of land for future subdivisions and commercial developments. The truth is that land investing is a very powerful investment strategy for everyone including small individual investors and those who are investing for retirement.

  • Low risk. Investing in land for retirement is very low risk. Historically, land has always trended up in value. Due to increased demand and limited supply, the chance of land decreasing in value is very slim. Substantial capital appreciation over time is expected.
  • Leverage. Most of the land we offer comes with owner financing, meaning you do not have to qualify for a bank loan, yet can still take advantage of the opportunity of land ownership. Leverage is a very powerful investment tool. The leverage gained when you invest land for retirement is not available with gold, stocks or bonds. By using other people’s money as leverage, your investments far outperform non-leveraged alternatives.
  • Demand for land is ever increasing as the population in major cities expands outward along the major corridors. The supply of land remains constant (They just don’t make land anymore). High demand causes prices to rise.
  • Land is tangible. You can see it, feel it and enjoy it. Invest in land for retirement and can rent it out or sale it on terms for monthly cash flow. You can subdivide, or build a cabin or dream home. You can harvest the resources or use your piece of land in a number of practical ways. You can hold it for long term investment and never do a thing to it. There are endless possibilities.
  • Invest in land for retirement if you are looking for perfect hedge against inflation. As inflation causes prices rise, which all economists expect to happen in the very near future, land is poised to further increase in value.
  • 1031 Exchange. Unlike stocks, bonds or mutual funds, land and real estate qualify for several special tax benefits such as the ability to trade up without paying income or capital gains taxes on the sale. Land can also grow tax free in a self-directed IRA.
  • Simple investment management. No tenants, no evictions, no rehab. Land can’t be damaged. Someone could take a truck load of dirt, but there is plenty more where that came from.

Invest in land for retirement if you are looking for leverage, low risk, tax benefits, and easy management. Email or call us at 801 662-9948 for more information.